word for word services

For families

Do you have questions about the development of your child’s language or communication? Has a health professional referred you to a speech therapist? Are you on a waiting list for services covered by the RAMQ and you want to start an immediate follow-up? We are here to help you

For daycare centers

Do you need support in your daycare environment? Do you have questions about the development of a child or do you have a child with special needs? MPM is here to support you in the evaluation, and the integration of the child. This includes services tailored to the needs of the child, the educator’s needs, as well as the needs of your environment.

For professionals, educators, teachers

Are you new to the profession of speech therapy? Are you a new graduate in the field? Do you have any questions about private practice? Need help getting started with self-employment? Need support?

We are here to help you with nearly 10 years of experience in the field.

The remote consultations are finally here!

Telepractice is here, but what does it consist of exactly? Telepractice is the use of a videoconferencing application to provide remote speech and language therapy. It allows you to receive the care of speech therapy in the comfort of your home or the place of your choice and allows us to offer you a greater flexibility regarding appointments. Whatever the nature of the difficulties, we adapt to your situation and the needs of your child. Telepractice is a versatile and convenient option. Do you have any questions about telepractice in speech and language therapy? Feel free to contact us and we will gladly clarify things for you and help you shed light on the entire process.

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