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Are you new to the profession of speech therapy? Are you a new graduate in the field? Do you have any questions about private practice? Need help getting started with self-employment? Need support?
We are here to help you with nearly 10 years of experience in the field.

A mentoring service for you or your team

  • We offer meetings via teleconference to support you in your practice

  • We train your speech-language pathologist assistants to offer language stimulation

  • We tailor our services to your needs

  • We help you with :     

    • your interventions with a special needs child
    • your speech work
    • Speech and language assessment
    • intervention
    • how to set up and provide conferences
    • how to approach parental coaching
    • behavior management

Available Training

A special request?

Find out about the training offered!

Screens: Where? When? How?

  • The importance of technology in our lives : Internet and video games
  • True or false about screens
  • What we know: potential impacts on the brain and development
  • Other effects of screens
  • Recommendations : 3-6-9-12


  • Myths and realities about bilingualism
  • Advantages of being bilingual
  • Language development for the bilingual child
  • Does my bilingual child have language difficulties?
  • Concrete actions for raising a bilingual child

Shared interactive reading: To sow the seeds of learning how to read

  • Why is reading important?
  • Book selection: criteria
  • Strategies to adopt with children
  • “Your turn” strategies
  • Strategies to incite group participation
  • Techniques to stimulate the prerequisites of the written language
  • Practical resources
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